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About Me

Kip Trout

Intuitive Consultant

Who am I? 


Interesting question, as I am clearly not the man I was yesterday, or the day before.

I am a middle aged man currently living in the Midwest, who has basically climbed the corporate ladder only to find it leads nowhere, achieved great financial success only to find it empty and unfulfilling, lost all possessions to find absolute joy in the releasing of attachments, and growth in the continued advancement thru the ofttimes paralyzing fear of uncertainty.  The interesting thing about the path I have walked is the surprising joy and sense of freedom that has enveloped me in its loving grasp.  Truly realizing that the Unknown has never failed me, ever!

I help people navigate the paths before them as they begin to
awaken and reorient themselves to a vast world perceived anew.  To realize that Heaven is truly here with us on earth, and is in the perceiving of it.

I will happily listen, gently guide, and make loving suggestions that have proven quite beneficial in my life and path.



What does awakened mean?

There are many definitions of Awakening, a quick search will provide many, for example:


""...full comprehension of a situation..."

"...a shift in consciousness..."

For me, perhaps the very best is:


" awakening to a dimension of reality beyond the confines of the ego...this awakening occurs when, for whatever reason, the ego somehow let's go so that a Higher Self or Spirit can arise within..."

This can be a profound shift for many, and often quite uncomfortable while it comes about.  People need support during this time from someone who knows the way, and has walked the path before.  Many times circumstances and situations in life come about to orchestrate a profound change that we can either accept, or fight.

This is what we are all about at dandiforriGROUP, we help people ride these transitions, and learn to live from their heart not their head.

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