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Misty Mountains


By using this website and/or products/services/advice on this website, you agree to not hold me or any of my affiliates liable for damages including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages that may occur from following the advice or ideas shared in my blog, newsletter, or website content, or with the use of any free or paid work that I share (blogs, podcasts, e-courses, private sessions, etc.) Information on this website is provided in a good faith effort to educate. However, each situation is different. Use your best judgment.

All purchases are considered 100% non-refundable once the transaction is complete. Please refer to refund policy

Terms of Use
All of the information provided on my website and the blog is a resource only and open to your interpretation.
While I hope you have a great time enjoying the content, you are responsible for what happens when you manifest and create what you read or hear into reality. Free will determines how you choose to interpret and act upon the information given in your reading and/or on my blog or any other of my publications.

Your Wellbeing
If you are diagnosed with a serious mental illness you must inform me before the appointment to determine if it is appropriate for you to meet at that time or better to reschedule.

I am not acting in a professional health capacity as determined by the codes of the governing body in which I reside. If you have serious health problems requiring the assessment and treatment of a licensed medical doctor you will need to seek that out of your own accord.

Non-Commercial — You may not use the material on this site or blog for commercial purposes.

Hold Harmless
As stated in my terms and conditions, all the information provided on my website, my blog, or in private work with me is for educational purposes only. You can’t sue me with anything that you do or don’t do with the information. Talking to Spirit, just like talking to anyone at all ever, can be a risk – and it’s important that you are aware of that.

Privacy Statement
I will not sell your personal information or place you on a spam list. If you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll get an email for new blogs and then when new events are released.


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