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7 minutes...

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

I was talking to a friend the other day about stillness, and quietness, and the importance of going within. Turning off that left brain and shifting over into the right.

She wasn't really clear on what I was talking about and so I suggested an experiment. Turn your phone on do not disturb. (That suggestion alone was unsettling to her). 

Now set your timer for 7 minutes. And sit down in a comfortable place, closing your eyes, and just be there. Revel in your being-ness for 7 full minutes.

The first thing that will amaze you is the fact that 7 minutes can be a very, very long time.

The next thing you will notice is your consciousness...your awareness…the voice you hear inside, is probably located somewhere in your head if you were to identify its location within you. As you do this more and more, and you become able to shift that consciousness down to where your heart is located in your body, you will find an expanse, an opening, as if you were to have walked into a very large room.  

You're being-ness will come into this calm reflective space and a peace of being will begin to wash over you that increases as you breathe deeply. 

With time and practice your thoughts will cease within this 7 minute window, and you will not be carried away with laundry, shopping lists, dinner plans, television etc., etc., etc.

Eventually if you continue to do this you will find that you crave this quiet stillness, this contemplative mindfulness, this connection with your soul. 

And one day you will realize that you have learned how to meditate. 

Peace friends. 


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