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a person or thing that precipitates an event.

I started thinking about the word catalyst, and the various events in my life and the changes that occur as a result of these catalystic encounters. It's interesting to me to know that some uncomfortable situations can actually turn into beautiful revelations once you are past them and have time to reflect.

I don't really ever remember any change being comfortable during the time I am in it; especially when I have been the one that is the catalyst for others.

There's just something incredibly beautiful about the synchronicity and the symphonic nature of how all the dots come together in the end though.

“The impulse to connect the dots – and to share what you’ve connected – is the urge that makes you an artist”. – Amanda Palmer

It's funny in my morning meditations I usually ask for guidance and throughout the day I don't consciously walk in the realization that I am being guided. However, it just dawned on me that whoever it is I'm asking for the guidance from is not saying “no”, but is saying “yes” and gently guiding…sometimes forcefully guiding…but always guiding. 

“I want to be a vehicle to help people connect the dots that let them make their lives healthier, happier, more beautiful, and more fun”. - Daphne Oz

Peace friends.

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