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Living fully...

Are you living your fullest life now? Or are you waiting for something before you start? 

There's a myth within the societal structure of our country where we don't really live our full lives yet.  We strive and struggle and we put living on a lower flame until we can really live...think here "until I have the right amount of savings in the bank, the pension plan is full, the 401K plan is fat and healthy....ah yes, then I will really start to live my life fully"! 

What bullshit.

Don't believe me? Watch any commercial during a Sunday afternoon golf tournament. You will see the exact message I'm talking about reinforced over and over again. 

We do the same thing with children in the educational system for that matter, we don't treat them as little human beings until they reach a certain age, thank heavens for the insightful ones like Maria Montessori who realized this was bunk and began treating children as legitimate human beings at the earliest of ages; empowering them and letting them know their worth.  Montessori educated children are some of the brightest, most competent, independent thinkers in our society today. I know because I have two of them. 

But back to my question...are you waiting for some magic day when you can fully start to live?  

I was.  

Until I had the thought..."what if that day you decide to retire that you've been scrimping and saving and sacrificing and going through the motions of a boring job for, what if that day comes and you wake up bright and early; walk out to go get the paper and get hit by a bus"? 

What will it have gotten you at that point...all of that saving, all that scrimping, the delaying of gratification, joy and happiness? 

Well, a lot of the money itself will go to the government as inheritance taxes for your  beneficiaries.  You will have scrimped and saved to feed a bloated government and your family will miss you and you will likely look back from whatever lofty perch you reside in, thinking "next time I'm gonna do that differently".

For me, that next time is this time. 

So I would ask again, why put the full life on hold? Why not have the full life now?

Break yourself out of the box.

Peace friends.


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