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1. an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement.

The timeless, infinite, boundlessness of infinity is our birthright, but we've forgotten how to experience it.  By surrounding ourselves with the cares and burdens of our 3rd dimensional existence on this earth we tune out our natural state and trade off for a discordant, obnoxious melody that brings restlessness. 

True joy, bliss, happiness, and love surround us both inside and out; it is inescapable and as abundant as fresh air and sunshine. 

We just have to take a moment...a singular moment...and tap into it, and quick as a flash, we are immersed. 

It's kinda like tuning a radio to a pleasing station. 

Let that sink in...we just need to make a conscious choice to allow it to flow in and out of us. 

Try it, you will soon remember the joy of it. 

Peace friends.


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