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Do you know what anesthesia is?

Have you ever been under?

Ever go in for surgery and they put the mask over your nose and all of a sudden you lose consciousness, you lose awareness of your surroundings, most importantly you lose the sensation of pain?

Do you know that we as a culture have a tendency to self administer anesthesia to ourselves to dull the pain of life in this 3D world?

How do we do that you ask?

There are several ways. 

Many people are constantly distracting themselves; checking Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or Snapchat.

Or they are constantly listening to music to take them away, or maxing out Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, etc. Always watching or listening to something; never having to face  a quiet moment within their own head. 

But the funny thing is if you could get rid of all of that distraction, if you could do away with everything in your life that keeps you from sitting still and being quiet and going within you would soon come to realize that the best anesthesia of all is sitting still and being quiet, and going within. 

There is no greater panacea to all of the pandemonium that is going on around us in this crazy world than that of being silent, being filled with the vibration, the love, the energy, the expanse, the oneness, the vastness of this Universe, which is within us all!

Peace Friends. 


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