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Another day...

Wake up, grab some coffee, and head to your desk again, which is just the other side of the living room, where it's been for the last year or so as you work from home for another day of Teams meetings, Zoom meetings, and WebEx meetings. A virtual existence in a now virtual business world, meeting with images of people's faces or voices for people who won't turn their cameras on. With kids fighting, dogs barking, wives or husbands yelling in the background. And the question floats into your mind "Am I happy" ? "Is the work that I am doing adding value to my life, or draining me of all my energy"? "Am I doing things in my life that make me feel good, or am I becoming lost in the matrix of Corporate life"? It can be hard to see a gradual slip in satisfaction, it could come out as a general uneasiness and nerviness on forecast calls, irritated conversations and short tempers with loved ones and family members, or maybe it's a little more (fill in the booze of your choice here) than you intended to "just take the edge off" of a long day? Stress can hide in many ways, and if not recognized and dealt with properly, will come out sideways in some manner, eventually. There are positive ways to deal with it, to minimize it, and to maximize our effectiveness and feel a sense of purpose in what we do and how we do it. Since we spend a great deal of our time working, job stress is one of the things to take a serious look at and make sure that we are managing in a healthy productive way. We can do things daily that bring us joy, that bring us perspective, that bring us closer to our true and natural selves. Things that make us feel good. We can make these things part of our routine, and these things help us see clearly when things get foggy or out of perspective. They can help us feel more happy, more productive, more self-worth, and a greater sense of connected-ness. They can provide direction when the way seems unclear. Let us show you how. Peace friends.


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