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Someone asked me the other day if I knew what the strongest cage was? I started thinking of metal boxes for all the various animals, wild beasts, sea monsters and everything that was either designed to hold within or hold without some sort of threat or danger... lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

But then my mind took another route, and I realized that at least in my life the strongest cages that I've ever come up against are the ones that I've created in my mind, of thoughts and crippling beliefs holding me captive to an ideal...right or image of who or what I ought or "should" be...worthiness and what I have a right to be.

I'm talking here about things like being a victim, or exemplifying scarcity, living as if there is no abundance in this world, that everything comes about through toil and strife. Being gripped by fear, never free to be genuinely myself. These are all just cages of thought that are holding us captive and keeping us from being the free, glorious, truly abundant people that we are. 

I’ve spent an awful lot of time trying to identify and see these cages in my own life, to then take the steps to remove them. Sometimes it feels as if I have created cage within cage within cage within cage. Freeing myself from one only to realize that I stand within another. Eventually all these cages can become apparent to us if we want to see them, especially the ones built on fear and untruth, whether learned from collective society, inherited from our parents, or from our own views of right and wrong developed in childhood and never really looked at or addressed until adulthood.

It's a phenomenal feeling to be free, it's also wonderful to be empowered. We were not meant to walk this Earth trapped in mental cages of our own making, and there is freedom available to all who are willing to look inside, see what's there without judgment, and endeavor to make changes, these wonderfully powerful changes of mind!

Peace friends.


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