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Clearing your cache...

I sell software so this title makes sense to me, but cache memory is memory that holds things so they can be served up later very quickly on a computer. Every screenshot, web page visited, word document used, is stored in cache memory. It's the same on your phone too, and as it gets full if it is not regularly cleared out, the device will start to get bogged down.

Ever dream about a situation at work? Why is that? What is it about that situation that brought it into your dream life?

We, as humans, have a sort of “cache” memory too, and it is a good idea to clear it out each day, to practice ways to disconnect yourself from the intensity of your job during the day, and to leave work behind once you sign off. 

I would hazard to guess that you did not disconnect from your work life after you signed off from your laptop, had your dinner, and did whatever you do in the evening before you went and lay down to go to sleep. So your subconscious mind was still churning around on that problem, that situation, that tense conversation, whatever it was at's still rattling around in your brain.

I don't know about you but I don't like to dream about work. I want to dream about flying in the air, being a superhero, having fun or doing other things...I really don't want my work life showing up in my dream life; I spend enough time at work. It's not that I don't like work, I happen to really like what I do for a living and the company I work for is a very good company that treats its employees well. 

But the key to leaving work at work, (much harder with Covid as we are all working from home), is to disconnect in a productive way that allows you to pick up where you left off when you wake up and start your workday the next morning. This clear disassociation allows your brain to know that you have put this down for now and it is not going to be a topic of conversation in your mind until you get back to work in the morning. 

There are several practical ways to do this, we can show you how. 

Peace friends. 


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