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What do you think that bug wrapped up in that cocoon is going through? 

I was thinking of this today as I was pondering a caterpillar sealing itself inside of a cocoon and the metamorphosis change that takes place and occurs while it's inside there. 

Are those the sorts of things that I see in my own life right now? A job I don't really like? Habits I've created to cope? Fear playing a part in motivation and decisions. Avoidance of the present moment or current circumstances through food, alcohol, sex and any other distraction.

Is that caterpillar wrestling with something similar inside that cocoon?   Facing each and every one of them in honesty and truth going into the darkest aspects of those things without judgement allowing the light to shine upon it so that it can be seen clearly? 

And where does the light come from? The beautiful bright brilliant energetic light that shines on the cocoon deteriorating its strength…breaking down its walls.

Looking one can see the first small tear in the cocoon become bigger and bigger and bigger...suddenly a brilliant bright colorful portion of a wing slips out and that beast that was within the cocoon starts to emerge anew.

Fully free of the trappings of the cocoon it stands upon it in gratitude and love because through that cocoon it has toiled to become it's true self, a higher self if you will,  and now before you a brilliant butterfly stretches, flaps its wings for the first time, taking flight. 

We all have this potential every one of us... we are all the crawling caterpillar and the brilliant beautiful butterfly.

 Peace friends.


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