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There's something magical about the energy of giving freely from the heart.

I don't ever give when I feel compelled. I give when I feel inspired… and that is a huge difference in the energetic field.

I have given away small things and I have given large things

One of the most joyful experiences I have ever had in giving came about when I had a 1968 Mercedes-Benz, a very stylish, fun car to have and a joy to drive but not dependable enough for a kid to take to college.

My son had lined up a buyer for this car, but at the last minute the lady who was planning to secretly buy it for her husband (a down on his luck foreign car mechanic) contacted me saying “I can't make the purchase we've had a setback financially and I'm sorry”. She was clearly disappointed.

I said you know “why don't we just meet and you can at least see the car” knowing full well in that moment that Spirit was inspiring me to give her the car. She agreed to meet and take a look at it.

The morning came and we met at a coffee shop. She walked around it, sat in it, her Dad was with her and he loved it too. When she was finished and about to leave, I looked her in the eyes, handed her the keys and said “well, here are the keys, and here is the title, the car is yours”.

She just stood there and looked at me in astonishment; she started to cry and her father embraced her as she said “I can't believe this, this just doesn't happen”.

To which I replied with a smile, “well, yes it does, because it just happened to you, it happens all the time and you're worth accepting this car, you're worth having it, it's mine to give and I was directed to give it to you so take it and enjoy it with your husband and I'm sure your husband will love it just as much as I have”!

Truly the gift in that scenario was mine.

Peace friends. 


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