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Manifest destiny...

Up until yesterday afternoon, this 1932 bronze Buddha sat in the window of the antique store around the corner from my house.

I first noticed it seven or eight months ago, and was fascinated by it. It is my habit to walk my dog at about 5:30 every morning, and I go right past this antique store and as I do I say good morning to the Buddha.

More and more I started to feel like the Buddha was saying good morning back to me and I felt this warmness as I approached the storefront. But yesterday morning the Buddha was nowhere to be seen in the window, and I was mildly concerned to say the least, that my new friend, the Buddha had been sold.

So I stopped into the antique store to inquire and there it was; they were doing some work on the windows so they had moved everything out of the display. It was at that very moment that I remembered that I had at one time collected 1940's Navajo silver and turquoise and that I still had two pieces left that would be of interest to this antique dealer.

So I asked him if he liked Navajo silver, and I promptly went to my dresser and recovered the two pieces, came back to the store, and his eyes betrayed him in terms of his incredible interest in the pieces.

Needless to say, my two pieces of 1940's Navajo silver are now around the corner in the antique shop, and the Buddha is in my window!

Peace friends.


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