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Good Leaders, Directors, and Managers make all the difference in a workplace environment that can be a stressful place for all as we try to make progress that allows us to keep our commitments. They understand that it is a shared mission to succeed and that culture rolls from the top down. I recently had a VP reach out to me directly to let me know that he would not be attending a meeting that I had set up to discuss a deal because his sister was in town and he wanted to spend quality time with her. To me that single note conveyed a world of right culture, of right intention, of correct priorities in the midst of a demanding job! My hat's off to good Managers, Directors, Coworkers and Peers who understand that life isn't all about jobs, and work, and a healthy fat commission check. Life is about people, life is about connection, life is about being happy, and being with the ones we love! Peace friends.


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