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Have you ever considered this word? Do you know the definition of it?

In case you don't, here it is...



lively in temper, conduct, or spirit : sprightly

I just love that word and the richness of it, but have you ever considered the word vivacious in conjunction with your life? Is there a vivaciousness to the way you go through each day? 

For a long time this was a foreign concept to me. There was nothing remotely vivacious about me or my daily life. But one day it just dawned on me. “Why not? Why isn't my life vivacious?”

I have every right to be vivacious every minute of every day. I have every right to be fantastic every minute of every day. I have every right to be joyful every minute of every day.

For some reason we tend to get caught up in the stresses, the anxieties, and the pressures of the responsibilities that we have heaped upon our backs as adults in this society...the rent is due, the bills are due, the car needs repaired blah blah blah. 

This stuff will always be with us; it's just a part of life on this earth but it doesn't have to be a bore and it doesn't have to be a grind. I can exercise vivaciousness on my way to and from taking my car to be repaired, paying a bill, or going to work.

I started thinking about this because when I was a kid there were very few moments between the times that I had fun.  

I was pondering in meditation this morning, “When is the last time I had fun”?

I couldn't really think of it. What a shame that is, there should not be a long pause between episodes of fun in our life. So I got my sled from the basement, went out to the park, and went sledding at 6 AM before any of the kids showed up. It was delightful, it was fun, and it was truly VIVACIOUS!

We are human beings having a human experience and that human experience does not need to be filled with stress, anxiety and boredom. You're welcome to fill it with that if that's what you choose, but I just want you to know you could also just as equally fill it with vivaciousness, fun, happiness and joy! 

It's worth considering.

Kinda what they mean when they say that we create our own reality; if I spend my reality thinking that my life is a bore and a grind and that my daily work life and all the things that I have to do in order to make ends meet are a grind. Then guess what? They are going to be a grind. 

If I seek out ways to make them joyful, happy, vivacious and fabulous they are going to be those very things.  :)

Heaven is here on earth. 

Nirvana is here on earth. 

It's all a matter of your perspective. 

Peace friends. 


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