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So now what?

Spiritual Guidance, Coaching, and Intuitive Insights for people waking up: Home-life, Work-life, Relationships, etc.

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sage /sāj/

noun (plural sages)
...a profoundly wise man.

I certainly would not describe myself as a sage by any means; more of an Intuitive Consultant rather who has made mistakes and learned things both the easy way and at times, the hard way.  I have traversed a life governed by ego and fear into a life of joy, bliss, happiness and love. 


I see a number of men and women in the world today waking up to a new vision of themselves.  It can be confusing to realize you have changed, your eyes have opened up to a whole new scene and are in need a new set of guidelines to navigate life.  Once awake, people cannot return with ease to their former selves.  It doesn’t work as well anymore. 

I help people learn new skills, meditation practices, and ways of raising their vibration so that the 3-D world does not dim their light.  Helping show what it looks like to live an awakened life; how to integrate the masculine and feminine within, and erase limiting programs that have people bound in unconscious behaviors and actions. 


I shine a light on the path and practice of walking upon this earth with confidence in an awakened state.


Where would you like to start?

We have a number of services a weekly class, as well as blog posts that speak to subtle growth among our community.

Latest Posts

“Having been thru two marriages, my self worth was a total mess; riddled with irrational fears, and walking around in a numb state, wanting approval from others thru relationships and never really getting what I needed.  Working with dandiforriGROUP was one of the best things to happen in my life!  I am so free now, I realized that I was limiting myself by my own beliefs….so empowering to free myself!”

-Felicity G.

"All of my feelings came out in one way...anger.  I didn't know how to express them, hell, I didn't know how to even feel them....  Thank you for working with me to learn how to embrace and truly feel, see my feelings as valid, and know they are not weakness, but strength"!

-Marshall J.


“You know, growing up, I was never allowed to really express my feelings as a boy.  I had two very emotional sisters, but I was supposed to be ‘stoic”, the man, what a joke!  Whenever I cried, my Dad laughed at me, and so I learned early on to hide my feelings and stuff them way down inside.  Thru this work at dandiforriGROUP, I have come to embrace my feelings, to own them, honor them, and express them in positive ways.”    -Jack S.


-Jack S.

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